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Studio Sessions: Anna Platten and Rod Taylor AM

See how this dynamic duo do it! Anna Platten is a South Australian painter who is famous for her portraits. She has been actively painting and teaching in Adelaide for more than thirty years. Rod... More

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SALA sessions: The crit session

How do you constructively speak about someones work? How do you effectively speak about your own work? Ever been part of a bad crit session? Learn how you can create a productive critique with Dr... More

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SALA sessions: Diverse Practice artist panel

Increasingly artists have multiple areas of practice and also work across different types of industries. Join this panel of practitioners and hear more about this way of working and the impact it has... More


SALA sessions: Manufacturing works

The Industry and Innovation Division of the new Department of State Development may not be the first area you think of when looking for support – but perhaps it should be! Gavin Artz will highlight... More

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Deidre But-Husaim; new work at the Art Gallery of South Australia

Deidre But-Husaim is the first Collections Project participant at the Art Gallery of South Australia. Her work explores people looking at and experiencing art. In this series of paintings she has... More