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Creative Time Summit 2016 -live stream

Artists and creativity as engines of real change have never been more important than at this time when social movements are arising around the globe.This year, Guildhouse becomes regional hub and... More


Creative Time Summit 2016

At the intersection of arts and politics, the Creative Time Summit brings artists to speak to and explore ways of tackling the most challenging political and social issues of our time.This year... More


When the Goal Posts Move: Patronage, power and resistance in Australian cultural policy 2013–2016

In this wide-ranging overview of the now notorious ‘Excellence Raid’ of Budget night 2015, when substantial public funding was ripped from the arts sector and awarded to the federal Ministry, Ben... More


ARTLANDS Dubo 2016

2016 will mark the return of the conference to NSW for the first time in 14 years, and will see the introduction of the ARTLANDS brand to be used for all future RAA conferences.ARTLANDS continues the... More

Celeste Aldahn, Sploshing! performance and digital video, 2014

LimberUP Mentorships: Round One 2015

Celeste AldahnCeleste Aldahn used the Limber Up funds to work with Mish Grigor to draw upon her skills to  develop and present live-art work.“It is my intention to debut new work and establish... More